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We train show jumpers, hunters and equitation horses and are specialized in developing young horses three years and older

We believe that a relaxed horse learns and performs better and with a soft but efficient approach we work towards long lasting results.


Typically a horse in training with us will be ridden 5-6 times a week in a program that includes flat work, gymnastics and courses. Every program is customized according to the horse's abilities, age, personality and level of fitness.


We aim to follow the steps of the "Young Jumper Development" for the jumpers and the "Green" steps for the hunters.


We offer riding lesson and coaching for intermediate to advance riders wanting to compete in show jumping.


We like to challenge our riders to push themselves, achieving goals set up for the day, month or season, as well as long term goals. While doing so, we are always respectful and patient and work towards building our student's confidence so the go in the ring prepared; physically and mentally.


Over the years we have developed an impressive network of associates in Europe and in North America.

This allows us to find the right horses at the right price, if you are looking for your next mount.


We have also established a reputation of offering a nice selection of quality horses for sale as well as the connection to help you sell such horses.


Using our connections in Europe, we find young horses that shows the ability of becoming top level horses. We import them to North America, develop them to the next level to then resale them for a profit.


In addition to the return on investment, investing in a young horse can be a very exciting venture. As the owner of a top level horse you will get to see your horse develop into a future star of the sport, enjoy the excitement of the sport with friends and family and meet fellow horse owners.

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